Images of Scheyer's extended family, friends and other documents.

Grete SCheyer

Margarethe (Grete) Schwarzwald (later Scheyer), 1917

Grete with sons

Konrad (L) and Stefan (R)



Sláva Kolářová

The Scheyers' companion

Camp document

Document certifying Moriz Scheyer's release from Beaune concentration camp, June 1941

Jacques Rispal

Signed photograph to Moriz, Grete and Sláva

Hélène Rispal with Konrad Singer and Grete

Circa 1950

The Sisters

Convent of Labarde, c. 1945

Letter to Scheyer from Stefan Zweig

Congratulating him on book publication, 1938

Signed Book

by Schnitzler in 1928

Textile factories of Sigmund Singer

(Grete's father) in Bohemia and Moravia, 1921

Sigmund Singer, the paterfamilias, with Konrad and Stefan

Late 1920s

The Singer family, Jindřichův Hradec,

Circa 1920

The Maisonette

The house belonging to Hélène Rispal which she gave to Moriz and Grete for the duration of their lives

moriz scheyer

Pass to the Viennese State Opera House 1937


Royal Holloway College c 1950

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